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To register a Trade name and partnership:

Commonwealth of Virginia  
State Corporation Commission  
1300 E. Main Street, Tyler Building  
P.O. Box 1197  
Richmond, VA 23209-1197  
Telephone: 804-371-9733Registration of contractors: 

Commissioner of Revenue  
Wise County Courthouse  
P.O. Box 1278  
Wise, VA 24293  

To register a restaurant to collect county meals tax 

There is no meal tax collected for the county. 

To locate and register a restaurant within a town's corporate limits,  
you should contact that town's manager.  
A list of town managers and town offices is attached. 

Zoning Requirements C-1 etc.--Home based businesses 

Each town will have its own zoning requirements.  
A list of town offices is attached.  
See #7 for the address of the county zoning office. 

Local IDA addresses and numbers and any other economic  
developers office in the area: 

Wise County Industrial Development Authority  
P.O. Box 570  
Wise, VA 24293  

St. Paul Industrial Development Authority  
P.O. Box 1094 
St. Paul, VA 2428 

Norton Industrial Development Authority  
City of Norton P.O. Box 618  
Norton, VA 24273  

Coalfield Economic Development Authority  
P.O. Box 1160  
Lebanon, Va 2426 

LENOWISCO Planning District Commission  
P.O. Box 366  
Duffield, VA 24244  
Telephone: 276-431-2208  
FAX: 276-431-2208 

Is a Certificate of occupancy needed? 

If so, where to go to register: 

Wise County Building & Zoning Department  
Contact: Building Official & Zoning Administrator Wise County Courthouse  
P.O. Box 570  
Wise, VA 24293  

County zoning office: 

Wise County Planning Commission  
Contact: Zoning Administrator  
206 E. Main Street  
P.O. Box 570 Wise, VA 24293 

To apply for construction permits: 

Wise County Administrator's Office  
Contact: Building Official & Zoning Administrator  
Wise County Courthouse  
P.O. Box 570 Wise, VA 24293 

Applying for a business license: 

No business license is required to locate a business within the county outside the corporate limits of a town or city. 

The business would be taxed on the amount of inventory held at the end of the year. 

To locate a business within a town's corporate limits, you should call town office. 

Nearest IRS office  
Internal Revenue Office  
Trayer Building  
2426 Lee Hwy Suite 210 Bristol, VA 24201  
276-669-5499 or 800-829-1040 

Nearest State tax office  
Bristol District Office  
Huff Cook Building, Suite U-3  
1969 Lee Highway Bristol, VA 24201 

Nearest Employment Commission office  
Virginia Employment Commission  
Gary Hale, Manager  
1725 Park Ave SW.  
P.O. Box 660 Norton, VA 24273-0660  

Nearest Immigration and Naturalization office 

Immigration and Naturalization Service  
4420 N. Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22203  
Telephone: 202-307-1501 

Immigration and Naturalization Services  
200 Granby Mall  
Federal Building, Room 439  
Norfolk, VA 23510  
Telephone: 804-441-3081 

Procurement offices for town and counties  
Contact the Wise County Courthouse or the town offices 

Public libraries: 

Lonesome Pine Regional Library  
24 Library Road, SW P.O. Box 1379  
Wise, VA 24293  

C. Bascom Slemp Memorial Library  
11 Proctor Street, N. (MECC Campus)  
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219  

Coeburn Community Library  
P.O. Box 1269  
Laurel Avenue  
Coeburn, VA 24230  

J.Fred Matthews Memorial Library  
P.O. Box 1976  
16552 Russell Street  
St. Paul, VA 24283 

Wise County Public Library  
P.O. Box 1379  
124 Library Road, SW  
Wise, VA 24293  

Bar associations: 

Wise County Bar Association  
Contact: Jewell Morgan, Secretary  
William J. Sturgill & Associates  
P.O. Box 770  
Norton, VA 24273  

Virginia State Bar Association: 

707 E. Main Street, Suite 1500  
Richmond, VA 23219-2803  
Telephone: 804-775-0500 

Business associations: 

Appalachia Business Association  
P.O. Box 5  
Appalachia, VA 24216  

Wise Business Association  
P.O. Box 3267  
Wise, VA 24293  
Telephone: 276-328-6352

Up to date list of taxes to include business license, personal property tax, vehicle per. property tax, local sales tax, meals tax, real estate tax, litter tax, motor vehicle fuel sales tax: 

Commissioner of Revenue   
P.O. Box 1278  
Wise, VA 24293  

Rita Holbrook  
P.O. Box 1308  
Wise, VA 24293  

County Administrator  
Wise County Courthouse  
P.O. Box 570  
Wise, VA 24293  

Assistant County Administrator  
Shannon Scott  
P.O. Box 570  
Wise, VA 24293  

Clerk of the Court  
Jack Kennedy  
P.O. Box 1248  
Wise, VA 24293  

For restaurants, septic systems, and wells: 

Approval must be obtained through the LENOWISCO Health Department  
Environmental Health Division. Call (276) 328-8000. 

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