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Curriculum Guides and Gainful Employment Information
Gainful Employment Disclosures are attached to the curriculum guide for each respective Certificate and Career Studies Certificate program.

Associates of Arts and Sciences

Associates of Applied Sciences

Certificates - Gainful Employment Programs


 Curriculum Guides

 Gainful Employment Disclosures

 Accounting [pdf]  Accounting GEDT-009629-52.0399
 Administration of Justice - Corrections or Law Enforcement Options [pdf]

 Administration of Justice GEDT-009629-43.0103

Administration of Justice-Corrections Option GEDT-009629-43.0103

Administration of Justice-Law Enforcement Option GEDT-009629-43.0103

 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration [pdf]  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration GEDT-009629-47.0201
 Clerical Assistant [pdf]  Clerical Assistant GEDT-009629-52.0499
 General Education [pdf]  
 Health Professionals - General Education for Transfer [pdf]  
 Industrial Maintenance [pdf]  Industrial Maintanence GEDT-009629-15.0699
 Legal Office Assisting [pdf]  Legal Office Assisting GEDT-009629-22.0302
 Medical Office Coding and Procedures [pdf]  Medical Office Coding and Procedures GEDT-009629-51.0799
 Mining [pdf]  Mining Certification GEDT-009629-15.0901
 Nursing - LPN [pdf]  Practical Nursing GEDT-009629-51.1613
 Welding [pdf]  Welding GEDT-009629-48.0508


Career Studies Certificates - Gainful Employment Programs

 Curriculum Guide

 Gainful Employment Disclosures

 Accounting [pdf]  Accounting GEDT-009629-52.0399
 Administrative Correspondence Specialist [pdf]  Administrative Correspondence Specialist GEDT-009629-52.0499
 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration [pdf]  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration GEDT-009629-47.0201
 Building Construction - Electrical [pdf]  Building Construction-Electrical GEDT-009629-46.0000
 Call Center/Teleservices [pdf]  Call Center-Teleservices GEDT-009629-52.0299
 Child Development [pdf]  Child Development GEDT-009629-19.0709
 Child Development - Infant & Toddler Option [pdf]  Child Development-Infant and Toddler Option GEDT-009629-19.0709
 Child Development - Pre-School Option [pdf]  Child Development- Pre-School Option GEDT-009629-19.0709
 Clinical Research Coordinator [pdf]  Clinical Research Coordinator GEDT-009629-51.0707
 Computed Tomography [pdf]  
 Computer Software Specialist [pdf]  Computer Software Specialist GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Construction/Weatherization [pdf]  Construction-Weatherization GEDT-009629-46.0000

Corrections Management and Supervision [pdf]

 Corrections Management and Supervision GEDT-009629-43.0102
 Electricity [pdf]  Electricity GEDT-009629-15.0303
 Emergency Medical Technician [pdf]  
 Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate [pdf]  Emergency Medical Technology-Intermediate GEDT-009629-51.0904
 Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic [pdf]  Emergency Medical Technology-Paramedic GEDT-009629-51.0904
 Energy Technology [pdf]  Energy Technology GEDT-009629-15.0599
 Energy Technology - Electrical Emphasis [pdf]  Energy Technology-Electrical Emphasis GEDT-009629-15.0599
 Energy Technology - HVAC Emphasis [pdf]  Energy Technology-HVAC Emphasis GEDT-009629-15.0599
 Forestry [pdf]  Forestry GEDT-009629-03.0101
 Funeral Services Assistant [pdf]  Funeral Services Asst GEDT-009629-12.0301
 Geographical Information Systems [pdf]  Geographical Information Systems GEDT-009629-14.3801
 Health Sciences [pdf]  Health Sciences GEDT-009629-51.0999
 Help Desk Support [pdf]  Help Desk Support GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Industrial Supervision [pdf]  Industrial Supervision GEDT-009629-15.0699
 Information Systems Technology [pdf]  Information Systems Technology GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Information Technology Readiness [pdf]  Information Technology Readiness GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Law Enforcement Management and Supervision [pdf]  Law Enforcement Management and Supervision GEDT-009629-43.0103
 Legal Office Assisting [pdf]  Legal Office Assisting GEDT-009629-22.0302
 Machinery Maintenance [pdf]  Machinery Maintanence GEDT-009629-15.0901
 Medical Records Technician [pdf]  Medical Records Technician GEDT-009629-51.0799
 Medical Transcriptionist [pdf]  Medical Transcriptionist GEDT-009629-51.0799
 Mining Certification [pdf]  Mining Certification GEDT-009629-15.0901
 Nursing Assistant [pdf]  Nursing Assistant GEDT-009629-51.1613
 Office Automation Specialist [pdf]  Office Automation Specialist GEDT-009629-52.0499
 Old Time Music [pdf]  Old Time Music GEDT-009629-50.0101
 Pharmacy Aide [pdf]  Pharmacy Technician GEDT-009629-51.0999
 Phlebotomy [pdf]  Phlebotomy GEDT-009629-51.1004
 Real Estate [pdf]  Real Estate GEDT-009629-52.1501
 Retail Sales and Customer Service [pdf]  Retail Sales and Customer Service GEDT-009629-52.0299
 Small Business Management [pdf]  Small Business Management GEDT-009629-52.0299
 Software Development I [pdf]  Software Development I GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Software Development II [pdf]  Software Development II GEDT-009629-11.0101
 Wastewater Plant Operator [pdf]  Wastewater Plant Operator GEDT-009629-03.0101
 Water Plant Operator [pdf]  Water Plant Operator GEDT-009629-03.0101
 Welding Operator [pdf]  Welding Operator GEDT-009629-48.0508
 Word Processing [pdf]  Wordprocessing GEDT-009629-52.0499


Discontinued Certificate or Career Studies Certificate Programs

 *999- No Graduates were recorded under this program

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