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Important Numbers And Information For Anyone Starting A Business In Virginia

Below is a list of state agencies which administer particular licenses, and permits or have other registration requirements for various occupations and business activities in Virginia: 

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 804-786-2373
Department of Air Pollution Control 804-786-2378
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 804-367-0649
State Board of Bar Examiners 804-786-7490
Department of Commerce 804-367-8500
Department of Conservation and Recreation 804-786-2121
Council of Environment 804-786-4500
Department of Education 804-225-2020
Department of Forestry 804-977-6555
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries 804-367-1000
Division of Purchases and Supply 804-786-3842
Department of Health 804-367-2100
Department of Historic Resources 804-786-3145
Department of Housing 804-371-7000
Department of Information Technology 804-344-5000
Department of Labor and Industry 804-371-2327
Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy 804-367-0330
Department of Motor Vehicles 804-367-0538
Department of Transportation 804-786-2801
Department of Treasury 804-225-2142
Department for the Visually Handicapped 804-371-3140
Department of Waste Management 804-225-2667
State Water Control Board 804-527-5000
Virginia Worker's Compensation Commission 804-367-8600

The Federal Government regulates Wages and Hours for those businesses in interstate commerce.  If the product you use or sell crosses state lines, you are deemed to be in interstate commerce.  For further information contact:

U.S. Department of Labor 
Wages and Hour and Public Contracts 
400 N. 8th Street 
Richmond, VA 23219 

Manufacturers of many food, beverage, drug, cosmetic, animal feed, fertilizer, and pesticide products are required to obtain special permits or to satisfy particular state or local regulations.  Virginia also regulates dealers, warehousemen, packers, processors, shippers, or exporters who are the first handlers of seafood, meats and other farm products.  For a brief description and the names of the appropriate agencies contact:

Department of Economic Development 
1000 Washington Building 
Richmond, VA 23219 

Employers operating in Virginia are required to display at their place of employment certain posters as prescribed by State Law.  The following are the State posters and the telephone numbers for the agencies making copies available:

Workers Compensation (Form 1) 
Virginia Industrial Commission 
P.O. Box 1794 
Richmond, VA 23214 

Unemployment Compensation (VEC-B29A) 
Notice to Workers (VEC-B29) 
Virginia Employment Commission 
Office Services Department 
P.O. Box 1358 
Richmond, VA 23211 

Job Safety and Health Protection 
Virginia Department of Labor and Industry 
P.O. Box 12064 
Richmond, VA 23241 

Attention Employees (WH Publ. 1088) 
Notice to Employees Working  on Government  Contracts 
U.S. Department of Labor 
Wage and Hour Division 
400 N. 8th Street, Room 7000 
Richmond, VA 23240 

The following is a partial listing of additional offices to call if you feel your business may be under that department.  If you do not find the department listed here, look in the telephone directory.

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 
2901 Hermitage Road 
Richmond, VA 23220 

State Air Pollution Control 
801 Ninth Street Office Building 
Richmond, VA 23219 

State Corporation Commission 
P.O. Box 1197 
Richmond, VA 24209 

Virginia Department of Labor Industry 
Boiler Pressure Safety Division 
P.O. Box 12064 
Richmond, VA 23241 

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